About The Non Plain Jane…

Welcome to the Non Plain Jane! Here, we believe that you are far from plain but are intelligent, strong, compassionate, successful and brilliant in all areas of life. You can do whatever you desire and be whomever you want to be. We can inspire and uplift each other. We can band together and all be united as Non Plain Jane’s.

Why is Jane anonymous?

A fashion and lifestyle blog without a face?! Why yes, indeed. Anonymity does not force people into boxes or silo us into categories. We can cross boundaries and mix and match, embracing our potential of becoming true Renaissance Jane’s.

We live in a society with an ever-increasing amount of social media anxiety. FOMO {fear of missing out} runs rampant, celebrities and models are idolized, people are plagued by negative body images, and fewer and fewer are happy with who they are.

The Non Plain Jane offers an escape and a counterattack to this. Jane is a reminder that it doesn’t matter who is behind the style and culture of the blog but what DOES matter is that you as an individual can take these concepts and apply them to the unique person that you are. Hopefully, it will remind you that you are not plain. You are fabulous just as you are, and never forget it.

We hope you enjoy being Jane much as we do.
xoxo -NPJ (Non Plain Jane)