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Affordable Holiday Home Decor


Can you believe Thanksgiving is just two weeks away?! Christmas will be here before we know it, and we truly cannot wait – Christmas is our most favorite time of the year! One of things we look forward to most is bringing holiday cheer into our homes and decorating for the season. While we love to invest […]

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NPJ At Home: An Easy Bookshelf Revamp


When decorating apartments, spatial awareness is key. Most apartments, especially those in big cities, do not have tons of excess space and you need to get creative with storage solutions. A tall bookshelf is a simple way to store books, makeup, sweaters, you name it! That being said, bookshelves can be tricky and do not always look chic. […]

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Recipe Box: Sweet Treats For National Dessert Day


Though we love breakfast {and food in general}, dessert is always our standout favorite meal of the day. With the surge of obscure national holidays, many of which we are happy to support, nothing gets us more excited than the prospect of National Dessert Day. Though only tomorrow, October 14th, is the delegated day, for the spirit […]