Shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the ultimate sale of the summer, and in our opinion, the entire year. Pre-sale starts for cardholders tomorrow, and the sale opens to the public on July 21st until August 6th. While there is a high likelihood that your social media feeds have become inundated with influencers telling you to shop the sale, it is for good reason. This sale is brand new fall merchandise priced at over 30% off. If you have to choose one sale to save your budget and splurge for, this is it.

Although currently it is 90 degrees and humid in New York and near impossible to imagine wearing something other than shorts, let alone coats and cashmere sweaters, browse this sale and prep your closet for the inevitable winter months.


Some of our favorite categories to shop:


Of course there will be plenty of winter coats, but this sale is also amazing for transitional coats. Lightweight sweater coats, quilted puffer jackets – the type of layering piece we always reach for in October and November when it’s chilly but not quite ready for the full winter coat.


Sandal season is not very long on the East Coast, so this is a great opportunity to upgrade your shoe collection. The sale always has a killer selection of shoes – booties, OTK boots, rain boots, etc.


Tons of Nike and Adidas items go on sale, as well as yoga brands like Alo Yoga and Zella, the Nordstrom in-house equivalent of Lululemon.


The sale has HUGE deals in beauty, especially if you buy in bulk. There is even a beauty calendar for when stores host special events.


The things we wear every single day, yet rarely get replaced. Great brands like Natori, Hanky Panky and Cosabella (aka brands that never go on sale) typically offer buy more, save more deals.


Our tips for the sale:

 Make a list

Because everything is on sale, you can very easily get carried away. Think about what you already own and where the holes in your closet are. What do you consistently reach for or often wish that you had? Odds are that you don’t need another t-shirt, but maybe you are looking for new work blouses or a great statement jacket. Figure out what it is that you need and put it on your list.

Stick to a budget

Once you have your list, determine what your budget is. We may sound like a broken record at this point, but because so much inventory is on sale you can easily get swept away on a shopping spree. Having a set budget not only helps you stick to your shopping list, but also will help you avoid buyer’s remorse. However, even if you do change your mind about something, Nordstrom has *the best* return policy which can ease shopping guilt.

Use the rule of 3

For whatever you purchase, make sure that you can create three different outfits mixed with pieces that you already own. Ensure that what you are buying will add to and enhance your wardrobe. We’re all for sentimental and statement pieces, but if you are buying things that will only be worn once, maybe you don’t really need it.


Browse the catalog here to get a sense of what to shop for tomorrow!

Happy shopping and thanks for reading!

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