How To Make New Friends As An Adult

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Time for a little coffee talk! Something that becomes increasingly more difficult as we get older is making new friends. As a child this might be one of the easiest tasks in the world because you have an infinite amount of opportunities – school, play groups, parks, sports, you name it. On top of that, kids are fearless. They aren’t plagued with social anxieties or nerves; they just see an opportunity to play with a new friend.

Adult friendships require much more effort. We lead busier lives and may not have the time or the energy to seek out new friends. Most likely is that on top of it all you flat out have no idea where to begin. While meeting new people as an adult is more of a challenge, it is far from impossible. These four ways are tried and true to meet new people and mix up your current social circle.

Think about your hobbies

Do you love to craft? Stores like Paper Source and Michaels host workshops where you can learn a new skill. If reading is your thing, check out books clubs at your local library or see if the local bookstore is hosting a speaker series or signing event. Immerse yourself in activities that you love to do, and you’ll likely find some like-minded people there. Step out of your comfort zone, go to a few events and give yourself a goal of befriending at least one person. You already have something in common, so striking up a conversation from there is a no brainer.

Utilize alumni events

Alumni networks are huge, and because people move so often you can typically find a club in a variety of different cities. Take it even one step further – if you were in Greek life in college, check out if your sorority has alumni clubs in your city. Nearly every major city has one, plus these clubs will likely plan fun social events such as brunches or workout classes as opposed to the cookie-cutter “networking” events.

Pick up a sport

Head to the tennis courts for doubles or check out the intramural sign-ups at the gym. If there is an outdoor track near you, you’ll likely find running clubs or soccer teams – whether it’s an organized practice or a pick-up game, ask if they need a bonus player.

Check out the places that you regularly visit

The spots are staples in your routine – your morning coffee shop, your gym, your church. Do you typically go at the same time, or keep running into the same people? Say hello next time!


Making new friends takes time, but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You run into different people almost every day, so why not try to turn them into new friends.

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