Why It Is Okay To Give Yourself Grace

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TGIF! Hopefully you are reading this from somewhere warm and sunny – New York has missed the memo that spring is due to arrive next week, but at least the sun is out today!

We are going to get right down to it- we took a detox from the blog. Social media, posting, shooting, the whole shebang. In this very saturated media world, it can be exhausting to create new content , strive to keep a blog as top of mind, and try to grow a following. There is a reason that blogging is a full-time job because it is a huge commitment. If you already have a full-time job {like we do}, you have to be willing to sacrifice free time, as well as your personal finances. We will set lofty goals, and if we fail to obtain them, we beat ourselves up. The entire process can be discouraging at times, and we are the first to admit that there are days when we just want to quit altogether.

Rather than dwelling on the negative, we are choosing to give grace over this detox. Sometimes the best way to fully appreciate something – and to remember why it is so important to you – is to take a step back from it.

This detox came at the perfect time to pause and reflect on the mission statement behind NPJ.  What began as a creative outlet has become a passion project. We love fashion and lifestyle content, and truly enjoy creating new posts for NPJ. At the end of the day, if the only person reading NPJ is our family, that is okay. NPJ is not about being famous – that’s why she has no face.

Our goal is for NPJ to be helpful. We love fashion and food and lifestyle sites {and following the bloggers who specialize there!}, but sometimes an outfit post is just is not enough. The reason we continue to read other sites is because they inspire us, challenge us, and encourage us to make a change.

In the future we plan to share more about the real life situations that affect real women – friendships, careers, faith, moving cities, budgeting, relationships – all of the myriad aspects of growing up.

That’s all we have for today. Hopefully this post inspired you and stirred something within your heart. We want more from the internet space, and we hope that you do to. Thank you so much for reading, and thank you for continuing to follow along on this journey with us.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends – wishing you luck and a fantastic weekend!

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