Five Ways to Make Extra Money

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Budget life has got you down? Us too – city life is expensive! Today we have brainstormed five ways that you can operate a lucrative side hustle and make some extra money to help pad your bank account. Check them out below!

Consign Your Clothes

Clean out your closet and sell clothes that you no longer wear. There are plenty of outlets you can utilize, whether in person, online or through an app – read more about our tips and go-to methods here.


Trade in a few weekend or date nights and offer to babysit for families or busy professionals. Network within your office or community, or you can sign up with Urbansitter or Care. Plus, kids are adorable and they will go to sleep early – meaning you are essentially being paid to Netflix and chill.

Dog Sitting

Maybe playing with puppies is more of your style than playing with kiddos. Sites like Rover allow you to find local pet owners looking for dog walkers or pet sitters.

Monetize Your Hobbies

Do you have awesome calligraphy skills? Knitting? Jewelry making? Open up an Etsy shop and sell your wares!

Work The Party Circuit

On any given weekend, chances are that you know someone who is having a party. Maybe it’s your relative’s anniversary, your neighbor’s baby shower, or your best friend’s boss’s retirement party. For those settings, people want to relax, enjoy themselves and not worry about the details, so there is a likelihood that they will be looking for bartenders, caterers or photographers. Give up a weekend and offer your services  – plus, you will likely make contacts for people looking to hire for future parties!


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