NPJ Winter Bucket List

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Even though the holiday season is here {Christmas is only five days away!} and cold weather has settled in, the first official day of Winter is actually tomorrow. Here are the things we hope to do this season, and hopefully this list will inspire you to find new ways to beat the winter blues!

  1. Go ice skating – If you live in NYC there are SO many options, and we encourage you to find a local rink in your city.
  2. Take a walk while it’s snowing – We know, we know, the snow gets old. But before that happens, take a snowy walk and savor the moment.
  3. Find {and stick to} a new workout routine – Post-holiday diets, cold weather and not wanting to go outside can make people {read: us} lazy, so find a new class, studio or at-home routine to stay in shape.
  4. Master a warm weather drink – Hot toddy, mulled wine, spiked cider, the choices are endless!
  5. See a show – So many new shows are coming to Broadway, and others are expanding {yes, Hamilton, we’re talking about you and your West Coast tour}. Plus, for those of you in NYC, Broadway week is coming back in January which is a great opportunity to see shows at amazing deals.
  6. Head to the mountains for a ski trip weekend – Whether you ski, snowboard or just have drinks in the lodge 😉
  7. Experiment with new recipes – All of the time spent cooped up inside gives you plenty of opportunities to learn a new recipe or two {this is on our list}.
  8. Host friends for a dinner and game night – We are big fans of a leisurely {read: competitive} game night – Jenga, Uno, Cards Against Humanity, we’re in. Plus this is the perfect time to show off your new prowess in the kitchen!
  9. Go sledding – When a big storm hits, fight the urge to stay cozy inside and grab your friends and have fun playing in the snow.
  10. Set goals for the new year – Reflect on how far you have come this year, and look forward to this new chapter and what you hope to accomplish in 2017.

What’s on your to-do list this winter? Thanks so much for reading!



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