NPJ Opinion: Knowing When It’s Time To Quit A Job

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This is something we have not posted about on NPJ before and we have been wanting to bring in more opinion-based articles onto the site for some time now. After careful consideration we have decided to jump in, try something new and open a discussion floor for more meaningful conversations and have the chance to connect with our readers on a deeper level. These are simply our opinions, so please be kind, and we hope that you enjoy this new addition to the site as much as we do.

Today, we are talking about one of the toughest calls we have ever had to make: quitting a job. Quitting a job is stressful and terrifying, but it also gives you the opportunity to truly listen to yourself and what you need.

Here are a few things that we learned along the way.

Sacrificing your well-being is never worth it.

Society today values the concept of “work hard, play hard.” As a result, that can translate into a mentality of being always on call. Understand that mental and physical health and well-being is infinitely more important and more valuable than any career. Listen to yourself and your body, and know when to put boundaries in place and set limits.

Stay for the right reasons.

When the time came and we were deciding what we still loved about a previous company, every reason was based upon the people. While you should invest in worthwhile people, understanding that staying for people related reasons, rather than for the actual day-to-day tasks of your job are signs that you have outgrown the environment. Find a career that you are passionate about and excited to go to, not just a place where your friends also happen to work.

Looking for a new job is a full-time job.

Finding a new job takes time. You need to be persistent and grow a thicker skin. However, you also cannot take things too personally. Your timeline to find a new job may be immediate, but that does not necessarily ring true for companies you may be applying with. Be patient, and understand that if they go with another candidate then that is all right too. You cannot be perfect for every job, but you will find the perfect job for you. You have your work cut out for you, but everything will turn out all right in the end.

We would love to hear what you think about introducing more opinion-based posts onto the site! Thanks so much for reading along with us!

xoxo NPJ

    • Em
    • August 17, 2016

    Love this open and honest discussion about a topic many of us 20-somethings and even beyond go through as we embark on our journey to find happiness within our careers.

      • thenonplainjane
      • August 18, 2016

      So glad that the post resonated with you!

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