NPJ Bookshelf: Eight Hundred Grapes

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Curling up with a good book sounds ideal on any day, and warm, sunny days are no exception {c’mon, they aren’t called beach reads for nothing!}. For our first read of the summer, we picked up a copy of Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave – and we devoured this read over the Memorial Day Weekend.

A week before her wedding, Georgia Ford discovers a life-changing secret that her fiancé has kept from her. She escapes to the vineyard that is her childhood home to seek solace in her parents and two older brothers, only to find that they, too, have secrets that they have been keeping. Set in California’s wine country, this juicy novel discusses life, love, family, and wine, and how secrets can tear you apart but also bring you back home.

Check out our recommendations for sparkling wines to accompany this read here, and for further summer reading inspiration, more suggestions are here and here! What’s up next on your book shelf?

Happy reading!

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